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Saturday, 13 August 2011

August 13, 2011 Nail Polish Tips

Nail Polish Beauty Tips

One of the simple pleasures in life for a woman is to have a manicure. It is relaxing to set, rest and have someone make your nails look beautiful. You can let your imagination run wild when you have a manicure as there are so many designs and techniques that can be done to improve the appearancephoto of your nails.

If you do not have the money to have a manicure, then set a time aside and work on your nails yourself. With the right products you can have attractive looking nails anytime, at salon quality.
nail polish
If nail polish does not work on your nails because you have diseased nails, then take care of the problem first so that you too can have attractive healthy looking nails. One big problem, that may be preventing you from enjoying a beautiful nail polish is a fungus infection on your nails. Don’t take a nail disease lightly, because many times when nails are having a problem it may signify another health problem going on, so you will want to discuss this with your doctor.

Many people will experience deep ridges in the finger nails that run length-wise. This in of no particular concern and sometime signifies a hereditary factor. When you apply nail polish the ridges stand out even more and is not attractive. These deep ridges tend to weaken the nail and it becomes thin and can break easily. You can buff the ridges out, but doing this on an already weak nail will only make the problem worse. You can purchase a ridge filler before applying your favorite nail polish and this helps to strengthen the nail and makes the nail polish look better.
Nail fungus is quite common in fingernails. It makes nails look unsightly, unhealthy, and nail polish is not a good thing to apply over nail fungus. Get rid of the pesky unsightly fungus first, then you can enjoy nice looking, polished nails. Nails fungus makes the nails look nasty, crumbly, thick, rotten and discolored. Your doctor can prescribe medication in pill form to rid nails of fungus, however these medicines are harsh on the liver. Look into a proven brush on fungus eliminator. It is hard to get rid of nail fungus, so you must be patient. As the fungus starts to get under control, healthy new nails will appear.
Some people suffer from a chronic mucocutaneous candidasis where the nails are completely eaten away. You will need to work with your doctor closely if you are ever to have attractive nails again. It is a very slow process getting rid of yeast, but with professional help and patience you can have attractive nails again. If you are a nail bitter, a good coat of nail polish to make your nails look more attractive will often times will deter the nail bitter from biting their nails.
Preparing your nails for nail polish is important because this will help determine how long your nail polish will last before it starts to chip off. If you soak your hands to soften the cuticles and then gently push the cuticles back it will keep your nails more healthy. Buffing is important to nails before applying nail polish because it will create a smooth dry appearance and the polish is going to stick to the nail better and longer. It is important to apply a good base coat of polish first. This will help the polish to stick to the nail and last longer. To also help nail polish last longer, apply a top coat. This top coat will help protect the layer of polish from chipping. Fast drying base coats, polish and top coats are great to use because of the speed and hardness that they dry. They are dry almost as soon as they are applied.
In reading reviews on various nail polishes, most women feel that the more expensive nail polish is by far the better buy. Taking into consideration, you get a thicker, and better proportioned brush, polish is not sticky and is thicker in consistency, spreading over the nail for better coverage and they swear that the more expensive lasts longer. Each person has their own pros and cons when comparing cheap nail polish to the more expensive polishes. Like it was said before to each their own.

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