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Sunday, 31 July 2011

August 01, 2011 Pakistani Bridal Makeup

July 31, 2011 Pakistani Bridal Makeup

July 31, 2011 Perfect Looking Eyebrows

Tips for Perfect Looking Eyebrows

Tips for Perfect Looking Eyebrows
Give your eye brows more definition by using these professional tips. You can now have individuals picture-perfect eye brows without turning towards the aid of an costly beauty consultant, so have a look at these pointers and get the best from your eye brows!

The eye brows might appear just like a small detail if this involves beauty, but actually eye brows play a significant role in looks. They pose as the only method to modify the way you look without turning towards the aid of makeup or plastic surgery, so no surprise people turn towards professional hair experts to find the perfect frame for his or her eyes. To make sure you dont finish track of butchered eye brows, turn towards the aid of the next professional strategies for perfect eye brows and get the best from yours.

Regrettably, there is not a template that matches everybody so far as shape goes, which means you must determine which kind of eyebrow suits that person shape having a couple of simple steps. Have a pencil which youll hold against onto your nose to obtain the exact point in which the eye brows should start, arch after which finish. Think as though your eyebrow is constructed of four equal parts the very first three need to be climbing as the last part needs to be climbing down. Here are a few professional tips that may help you get individuals ultimate Hollywood diva kind of eyebrows that enjoy what character has offered you:
Eyebrow threads

An excellent, yet old-fashioned approach to eliminate extra fur out of your eyebrow is eyebrow threads. This process involves using a string that is twisted a couple of occasions after which moved over the skin to pluck the eyebrow. The technique offers precision, but only at the disposal of an experienced person. One wrong move and youll finish-track of botched eye brows until they re-grow into place, so make certain you begin nice easy. 

Pencil definition

A colored eyebrow pencil can certainly assist you to produce the perfect eyebrow shape for you personally. Trace the preferred shape after which pluck the additional fur using forceps or by threads. You may also make use of the eyebrow pencil colored inside a natural, similar hue as the eye brows to complete any gaps inside your eyebrow. Make use of a soft, a lighter eyebrow pencil if at all possible, like a more dark hue is only going to make the eye brows to get an abnormal look.

Wax for unmanageable eye brows

Nothing can ruin your thing a lot more than unmanageable eye brows and keeping individuals edgy fur in position is certainly difficult. However, because of the cosmetic industry, a number of items happen to be developed to keep eye brows tidy as well as in place. Choose eyebrow wax kits or eyebrow gel to create your eye brows in position making them look perfect. If, however, you’re from these items, you are able to spray some hairspray with an eyebrow brush and comb the eye brows into place.

Trim your eye brows

Trimmed eye brows look hot, so make certain you trim the finishes of the eyebrows to produce that perfect, uniform look that helps to make the difference. To make sure you dont trim toomuch and finish-track of thinning hair, make use of a narrow tooth comb to find the fur to stay out and trim the finishes that stick from the comb. Permanently includes brushing the eye brows upwards and trimming the finishes which are visible within the outer eyebrow line. 

Make use of a highlighter

Make use of a highlighter in your brow bone after plucking/waxing out all of the excess fur, which means you have that part illuminated. By doing this your eye brows is going to be stressed as well as your look will even get a fresh allure which will certainly not pass undetected


July 31, 2011 Tips For Fixing Your Makeup

Tips For Fixing Your Makeup

Source: Fotolia © krimar
Having well applied makeup can be an asset to just about anyone. There are tricks to getting and keeping your makeup looking great.
Start With Quality
The first thing you’ll want to do when experimenting or working with makeup of any kind is to get the highest quality that you can afford. The better quality makeup the better chance it will look great when applied. This goes for foundations all the way through to mascaras. Take the time to do some reading on what products are best. Clip coupons if you have to and invest in the best. It’s also a very good idea to keep your makeup fresh and clean. Make sure mascara is under three months old.
Start From The Bottom Up
Getting a fresh look starts with a great base. Make sure your face is freshly washed and moisturized. Then think about your foundation. Apply a light layer evenly. When opening a new foundation pack go easy the first time you use it. It’s also a great idea to pick a day or time that you’re not rushing out the door to a social engagement. This is the best way to insure you get a chance to practice without pressure. Make sure to keep a look out for lines or improper blending.
Consider Your Eyes
Usually if there is an error with makeup this is where it happens. People tend to go too dark or put too little on. This is another area that a gentle touch will best be received. Start with making sure there isn’t any minor plucking or tweezing that needs to happen last minute. Brown, gold and bronze can be used around the eye to add depth and enhance their appeal. Choose a soft brush that is made of natural fibers that will lend to blending easily. Use a very stiff brush to apply a shadow that is the same color of your hair to your brows to strengthen and add more defining qualities.
After these couple of steps if you’re a person to apply blush now is the time to do so. The best way to do this is to smile and apply a bit of color to the apple of the cheek.
Final Touches
Now is the time to go ahead and add the finishing touches. Use eyeliner on the top and bottom lids of your eyes, soften it slightly by using a brush to even the lines out. From there you’ll want to follow with the eye shadow or shadow blends of your choice. Then go ahead and add mascara, curl and add a final coat. Follow all these steps with a bit of gloss or lipstick and a gloss. You are ready for your day or a night on the town.

July 31, 2011 beauty essentials and facial remedy tip

A best simple tip for beauty essentials and facial remedy tip

First of all it’s crucial to know you ‘re skin type so that you can take skincare products to suit you. Do you have normal skin, dry skin, dehydrated skin, oily skin, mature skin, or sensitive skin? .
– ( Get more related tips for beauty care , clear skin , skin lightener , organic therapy , anti aging , beauty salon , women’s guide)
Sensitive Skin Tips.
Not only is sensitive skin more potential to react to product fixings, but also the damaging effects of the sunshine can be sensed to a greater extent easy. It is advisable to use an SPF of 50. A soft peeling product that doesn’t contain granules is gentler on the skin than an exfoliating scrub.
Oily Skin.
Cleaning and moisturizing milks or lotions have a higher water content and a lighter consistence and are less likely to do congestion. Be careful not to over exfoliate the skin as this can make increased production of oil.
Combination Skin.
Treat the different areas of the face with products specific to their wants. For example light formulation in the oilier T Zone area and richer creamier products in the dry areas. The skin will benefit from a hydrating mask on the nerves and a deep cleansing mask on the forehead, nose and chin.
Dry or Very Dry Skin.
Products with a high cream and oil content are beneficial . Avoid using soap and detergent freed base products on the face and neck as these can be drying . Oil-based face masks are assuasive and hydrating fro dry skin.
Dehydrated Skin.
Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, aim for 2 litres per day.
Mature Skincare.
As with dry skin take richer creamier oil based products. Skin may be thin or have broken capillaries so it should always be cared for with great care and very little pressing. Firming and anti ageing products are extremely beneficial , as are specific neck and eye care products.
Now that we’ve looked at different skin types , what kind of facial therapy products are out there and what can they do for your skin? .
Facial Cleaner.
These take out make up leaving skin clean and free from impurities. Some cleansers are easy enough to be used on the eye area but if you wear waterproof mascara you will want a specific eye makeup remover.
Eye creams.
Eye Creams are specially designed to moisturise and protect the delicate skin around the eye. They often contain collagen, oils and vitamins and some contain light diffusing particles to aid draw aid off from benighted circles beneath the eyes.
Neck Creams.
Neck moisturizing and firming creams are more hydrating than ordinary moisturisers. In our 20s and 30s our usual moisturiser is usually sufficient to nourish the neck and d colletage, but by our 40s and beyond the neck often needs more intense hydration. The supplied benefits of collagen and elastin are believed to help prevent sagging and ageing so keeping a young appearance.
Often described as day creams or hydrating lotions, they nurture the skin to leave it gentle and smooth. Oil and water emulsions attract water to the skin and keep moisture loss by evaporation. Moisturiser should be put on to the skin after cleansing and toning. Some moisturizing creams and lotions contain SPF and aid protect the skin against environmental damage . Not only do moisturisers hydrate and condition the skin, they put up an excellent base for makeup application.
Toning Lotion.
These take out tracings of cleansing , refreshes the skin and has a temporary tightening effect upon the pores. Refreshes the skin and assists to fix the skin’s PH.
Face Masks.
There are a variety of different formulations of face mask useable that do different actions. Facial masks are a relaxing and therapeutic part of a skincare routine. They increase circulation and improve the overall coloring of the skin.
Exfoliating products are creams or gels that contain small particles which lightly scrub the skin to take out dead skin from the surface revealing fresh, new skin beneath. By loosening surface blockages they aid improve and keep breakouts and give a healthy glow to previously tired looking complexions. Exfoliators are a great way to even out a fading burn.
A deep cleansing mask moves out tracings of trapped dirt, debris and oil. They ‘re mildly exfoliating. Dry flaky areas of skin are replaced with gentle, smooth skin. Toning and refining masks soothe tired skin. Skin is freshened and revitalised and pores appear smaller leaving a more refined complexion. Nourishing and hydrating masks contain soothing moisturizing fixings which hydrate the skin leaving it gentle and smooth. They also soothe tired facing skin.
Sun screens and sunshine blocks.
A facial sunscreen is an essential all year round beauty aid. Pick out one with an SPF of at least 15. Even on dull days the sunshines rays penetrate the atmosphere and the damaging effects upon the skin accumulate gradually leaving in pigmentation and premature ageing . In more than extreme contexts , this can result to tan and permanent scarring.

July 31, 2011 Diamonds on your nails

Diamonds on your nails

Sunday - Jul 31, 2011, 11:33am (GMT+5.5)
Diamonds on your nailsThe world's most expensive manicure, called the Iced Manicure, costs a whopping $51,000 (`22,95,000 approx). And why not? If you're going to come back with 10 carat diamonds encrusted on your nails, you have to pay the price for it. "Only the affluent, royals and privileged have access to this treatment," says the website of the service provider. We wouldn't have thought otherwise.
. ..and diamond contact lenses!
A model at a Mumbai exhibition on Saturday grabbed a few eyeballs with her customised designer gold and diamond contact lenses. The limited edition lenses, that come in white or yellow gold with diamonds, were conceptualised by Dr Chandrashekhar Chawan and designed by Sanjay Shah, and cost around `5-7 lakh.

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July 31, 2011 Makeup Tips for a Beautiful and Comfortable Autumn

Makeup Tips for a Beautiful and Comfortable Autumn

The moment you think of autumn, the first thing that comes to mind are various colours. Although the leaves do not take the shades of orange, brown and golden leaves, Delhi does get a little nippy and the leaves still do change colour. 

This is the season when you would like to have moisturizer slathered on, sort out your winter jacket and get ready to wear your boots to brave the cold weather ahead. This is also the time to smear your face with makeup. Unlike summer when women do not put on any make up, it is good to put on a makeup in the autumn season. This is the season you could try something smoky in shade, or maybe some gold and plum hues which goes well with the colour of the leaves. 

It is easy to follow the trend especially when you see several women take this opportunity to daub their face with makeup. This is not the season to get prolific or sporty as far as make up goes, the idea is to follow the autumn trend which makes you look set to the current fashion scene. 

There are a few make up items that are a necessity in this season. Kajal, Powder Compact, Eye Colour, Lipstick, Moisturiser, Lip Balm/lip gel and blush are few of the items required. It's important that you keep your makeup simple yet try and experiment a little bit. You can do this yourself at home, and don't even need to go to a beauty parlour. 

Skin- This is a season that you need to make sure your skin does not turn dry. The use of a moisturiser is important which will keep your skin hydrated yet smooth. 

Compact Powder- It's important that you choose a colour that matches your skin. The common mistake committed is that brown coloured women tend to use a compact powder that is lighter than their skin tone, which makes it look ugly and unnatural. If it is a night make up, then use something that is got some shimmer to it. 

Eyes- Indian women generally tend to have beautiful and almond shaped eyes. To make them striking, application of the kajal makes it look dashing. Its great to experiment with some evening make up with shades of olive green and blue which will give it that smoky effect. For the night, put on the extra dash of compact powder which will have all eyes on you. 

Eye make up- During the day, stick to a colour that more or less resembles your skin colour. For the evening, try out some green and blue shades and if you have a skin colour that is more on the golden side, then do try out the Golden Peach which is the latest eye shade in the market. 

Lips- There is lots of colours to choose from as far as lip balms go. During the day stick to colours like pink or plum. For the evening, ensure you have some moisturizing balms to keep your lips hydrated. A few colours that could be tried are soft beige, plums or dusty pink. 

Cheeks- If you have high cheekbones, which are in, try out some blush on your cheeks. 

July 31, 2011 Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Tips

Wedding Day is the most important day in the life of a woman and every young girl desires to look at her best on this blessed day in her life. Here are some tips to make you look as gorgeous as a queen:
  • Use heavy-pigmented cream foundation and layer it with powder foundation to make the skin look smoother.
  • Use powder foundation on neck, ears and chest too so that you don't seem to have a painted face.
  • Use a concealer shade similar to the foundation and blend both well.
  • Learn some camouflage makeup tricks and buy its products to use on your big day.
  • If you have combination skin, use water based foundation and a dry sponge.
  • Hide the under eye circles by applying concealer. Blend it towards the nose and use downward strokes.
  • For a perfect eye shape, use a small brush to blend a medium tone color from just below the brow arch downwards in a semi-circle motion.
  • Use light peach eye shadow as eyelid base.
  • Choose lip liner that blends easily with lipstick for that soft glossy look that looks good in photographs too.
  • Place the focus on the face either on eyes or on lip and underplay the other with neutral pink or brown shades.
  • Thin and small lips look more sensuous with light lip colors while fuller lips can use deep shades.

July 30, 2011 Pakistani Fashion

July 31, 2011 Pakistani Latest Wear

July 31, 2011 Pakistani Bridal Makeup


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