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Sunday, 31 July 2011

July 31, 2011 Makeup Tips for a Beautiful and Comfortable Autumn

Makeup Tips for a Beautiful and Comfortable Autumn

The moment you think of autumn, the first thing that comes to mind are various colours. Although the leaves do not take the shades of orange, brown and golden leaves, Delhi does get a little nippy and the leaves still do change colour. 

This is the season when you would like to have moisturizer slathered on, sort out your winter jacket and get ready to wear your boots to brave the cold weather ahead. This is also the time to smear your face with makeup. Unlike summer when women do not put on any make up, it is good to put on a makeup in the autumn season. This is the season you could try something smoky in shade, or maybe some gold and plum hues which goes well with the colour of the leaves. 

It is easy to follow the trend especially when you see several women take this opportunity to daub their face with makeup. This is not the season to get prolific or sporty as far as make up goes, the idea is to follow the autumn trend which makes you look set to the current fashion scene. 

There are a few make up items that are a necessity in this season. Kajal, Powder Compact, Eye Colour, Lipstick, Moisturiser, Lip Balm/lip gel and blush are few of the items required. It's important that you keep your makeup simple yet try and experiment a little bit. You can do this yourself at home, and don't even need to go to a beauty parlour. 

Skin- This is a season that you need to make sure your skin does not turn dry. The use of a moisturiser is important which will keep your skin hydrated yet smooth. 

Compact Powder- It's important that you choose a colour that matches your skin. The common mistake committed is that brown coloured women tend to use a compact powder that is lighter than their skin tone, which makes it look ugly and unnatural. If it is a night make up, then use something that is got some shimmer to it. 

Eyes- Indian women generally tend to have beautiful and almond shaped eyes. To make them striking, application of the kajal makes it look dashing. Its great to experiment with some evening make up with shades of olive green and blue which will give it that smoky effect. For the night, put on the extra dash of compact powder which will have all eyes on you. 

Eye make up- During the day, stick to a colour that more or less resembles your skin colour. For the evening, try out some green and blue shades and if you have a skin colour that is more on the golden side, then do try out the Golden Peach which is the latest eye shade in the market. 

Lips- There is lots of colours to choose from as far as lip balms go. During the day stick to colours like pink or plum. For the evening, ensure you have some moisturizing balms to keep your lips hydrated. A few colours that could be tried are soft beige, plums or dusty pink. 

Cheeks- If you have high cheekbones, which are in, try out some blush on your cheeks. 

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