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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

July 19, 2011 Removing Facial Moles with 4 Self Help Tips for Best Results.

Removing Facial Moles with 4 Self Help Tips for Best 


here are many problems with removing facial moles. For instance, you don't want to remove the mole and be left with a scar, you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to get rid of a single mole, and you don't want to try to remove a mole that is suspicious or could be cancerous.
Having said all of that, you DO want to get rid of the embarrassment that comes with having a mole on your face. This was my dilemma with a mole that
was just above my upper lip.

This mole was small and flat when I was in elementary school, but once puberty hit and my hormones kicked in, the mole grew in size and started to form a bump. I remember trying all kinds of make-up products when I was a teenager to try and hide the mole. At the time I had no idea removing facial moles was even a possibility.

Fast forward a decade later and introduce the hormones associated with pregnancy and my mole grew even more. By that time it was a large raised mole and was very visible and it made me miserable.
The time I finally said enough is enough came when my brother-in-law, who is the sweetest guy on earth, but mentally handicapped, decided to focus on my mole just above my upper lip. For some reason one day he kept pointing at my mole and repeating a noise like he wanted to understand what was on my face.

Of course, he was not discreet and everyone noticed. Ugh, it was truly embarrassing and kind of left me in this strange place. I wanted to find the best method for removing facial moles and I wanted to do it gradually. I figured if I got the mole surgically cut off, it would add to the fact that I was embarrassed.

What I found was self-help methods for removing facial moles over time.
Here are some self help tips:

1. The very first thing you need to do is have your mole checked by a doctor who deals with skin conditions or a dermatologist. I have extremely fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, and this makes me a prime candidate for skin cancer. In fact, I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my arm when I hit 40 years old.

Whether you are fair skinned like me or not, removing facial moles using these self-help tips is not okay when your mole contains cancerous cells. If you have any concerns about the mole or it looks odd in any way, you need to consult with your doctor before removing moles with any home remedy.

2. You are better off following a plan for removing facial moles that advocates prepping the mole before removal. Most methods of removing facial moles at home have you use slightly acidic ingredients. If you do not properly expose the heart of the mole to this active ingredient you are going to have to work pretty hard to get the results you want.

Prepping is not just keeping the mole clean, you also need to lightly scratch the surface of the mole to expose the whole mole. When removing facial moles it is particularly important to follow a plan because the mole is in such a visible location.

3. Removing facial moles using natural ingredients takes time, be patient. If you want to avoid the cost and risk of scarring that comes with faster methods of removing facial moles (i.e. surgical removal), then you will need to allow time for the remedy to work.

The size of the mole and your diligence will determine the length of time for removing facial moles. If your mole is large and raised, you may need multiple daily applications that take a few weeks to months to completely eliminate the mole.

4. Avoid direct sun when actively removing facial moles and after your mole is removed. Sun is very damaging to your skin and can set your progress back when removing facial moles.

This may mean, for best results, that you cover the mole as it is being removed. If you absolutely cannot keep the mole covered when removing facial moles, you still need to protect the mole from direct sun by using a hat or a high SPF sun screen.

Removing Facial Moles - Conclusion

Having facial moles can be embarrassing and damage your social life. If you are looking into removing facial moles on your own, then by all means give it a try, but first, have the mole checked by your doctor, prep the mole properly, be patient, and protect the mole from sun.

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