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Sunday, 7 August 2011

August 07, 2011 Eye Makeup, Lips and Face Makeup

eye makeup
by monstro
Eye Makeup, Lips and Face Makeup
Here are trends to get a foolproof party look with tones and textures of the season more flattering.
Smoky eyes or light eyes?
Smokey for a mysterious look
Deep, mysterious and incredibly sexy, smoky makeup or smoking will give more strength in your party makeup.
For Whom
This type of shadows, to make more slanted eyes and penetrating gaze ca cause gain in intensity. Are perfect in light eyes (blue, green and gray) and to stand still but their color. The smoky not recommended when their eyes are sunken or very small, since it can further accentuate this effect. Nor is the most appropriate in the case of mature skin.
A minimum of two tones of shadow: a clearer (blue, gray, violet….) and a darker (gray or black), a black eye liner and mascara.
As is
- Stretch, as a base, especially compact eyelid
Apply the lighter shade on the eyelid
- Outlines the inside of the upper and lower eyelid with a black outline. Pass it several times to get a more intense effect.
- Then, trace the same profile, a single thick line of upper lashes.
- Draw another line with the black shadow on the eyelid, single tab. Blend with a foam brush to the temple
- Use a volumizing mascara to enhance still more the makeup.
Combine it with….
Smokey eyes make people become the protagonists, so it is better to opt for a nude makeup for lips and cover the skin with a matte foundation and uniform.
Light and youthful vintage image
It is the other side of the coin. With this type of makeup is achieved brilliant and expressive eyes, a clean look that will give a youthful air to your image.
For Whom
It is a style that is very flattering; either in looks young and mature (hides wrinkles and brightens). Just be avoided when you have bulging eyes, as the stand out even more.
A clear eye shadow and light (white, beige, pink…), profiler or a black eyeliner, eye pencilwhite or beige and mascara.
As is
- Extends the eye shadow across the eyelid, from the upper lash line to brow
- Draw a thin line with black eyeliner profile or flush with the upper lashes. If you want you can lengthen it slightly to the temple
- You can also refine the interior of the lower eyelid or only white or beige pencil.
- Apply mascara on top lashes only in diagonal direction.
Combine it with…..
Is perfect with a pink or red lips and pink make-up fund.
Nude red lips or mouth?
Red is the color of lips par excellence. Shiny and bright makeup gives a sophisticated but simple and sensual.
For Whom
Perfect for lips with volume and shape of heart, though, if you have very thin or no way you can fix it by redesigning the contour with the profiler. Being a very intense color, you may highlight the defects, it is recommended to apply only in perfect mouths or use a spell beforehand.
Base Planer, lip liner the same shade as the lipstick and a lipstick dense and opaque.
As applied
- Extends the planer base throughout the mouth. If you have no hand, you can use the same foundation.
- Outlines the edge trying not to change too much as, if not necessary
- Apply the lipstick with a brush or straight from the bar. Press a tissue to remove excess fat and make a second application
Combine it with…
Opt for makeup eyes discreetly. You can apply only light-colored shadow or outline the upper eyelid with an eyeliner pencil or black or gray.
Nude lips are at the same time, subtle and sophisticated. Besides enhancing the natural beauty of your mouth, will give your image a discreet elegance.
For Whom
The Nude supports practically all styles, ages and appearance.
That color choice
Shall be in accordance with the natural tone of your skin. If you have fair skin, for example, I favor very soft pink. If your skin is a medium tone, choose a lipstick in beige and if you’re brown, reddish ground color.
As applied
- It outlines the contours of the mouth with a neutral color
- Blend the line with the fingertips inward to fill the interior
- Apply the lipstick and re-smooth gently with your fingers
- If you wish, apply a little gloss
Combine it with….
Married nude lips to perfection with a smoky eye, but you can also opt for a total look youreye makeup with the same pink or beige tone that you used for the mouth and not using the profiler.
Porcelain skin and golden skin?
A natural face and uniform is the ideal setting for your party makeup shine like never before. The tones and glossy finishes will give your skin a fresh and bright hue.
For Whom
The bases clear benefit all the faces and styles. Rejuvenate mature skin and provide light to the younger. They are ideal both natural makeup and nude and in the most sophisticated and vintage.
To get a good result, you should choose the most suitable tone. It is advisable to test the basis of natural light and always in the face. The ideal color is one that melts into your skin. The chosen texture depends on the result you need: clear fluid for a makeup compact for greater coverage. In terms of finishes, choose glossy bases since the age mates are bright and unnatural.
As applied
- Prepare your skin by making a thorough cleaning and applying a moisturizer. Wait until the latter is completely absorbed before makeup
- To get a flawless result, if you have some kind of imperfection, cover them with concealer beforehand. Also you may find useful a planer base with silicone.
- Extends the makeup with a damp sponge or your fingers using gentle touch. You’ll get a more natural effect if, previously, the base mixture with a little moisturizer
- A thin layer of translucent powder will make your makeup last longer
Combine it with…..
Clear bases are perfect when you go for a striking makeup on eyes and lips.
Gold is the color of Christmas. The makeup in shades of gold, not only in the skin but also in the eyes and even on the lips, are perfect in these times.
For Whom
If your skin is brown just like you get a warmer skin tone and natural, this is your makeup.
The foundation that you use in this case will be a more golden beige, but not too dark. You’ll find it in all kinds of forms: gels, fluids, creams….. They all have light tanning pigments that will give your skin a healthy tone and attractive. To accentuate this effect, you’ll also need Terracotta powders.
As applied
- Extend your foundation over entire face with fingertips or a damp sponge.
- Then apply terracotta powder on the forehead, cheekbones, the bridge of her nose and chin.
Combine it with….
With this type of makeup, eyes and lips should be in the same harmony of color: burnt sienna and terra cotta tones on the eyes and natural lips.
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