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Friday, 5 August 2011

August 05, 2011 Make-up & Hygiene

Hygiene & Make-up

Hygiene & Make-upyou ever had a skin infection which you do not understand the origin? Or an inflamed eye? A fat lip? It can be caused by incorrect use or incorrect in terms of hygiene and beauty products. Good hygiene is important, even if it’s something ‘frivolous’ as the make-up.
Home Good hygiene starts – of course – with yourself! Here’s what you can do at home.
Always wash your hands before touching your skin
Always wash your hands before applying a cream on face and body, or before you apply make-up. To prevent you forget about it get in the habit of applying creams and makeup to a place near a faucet. Use a disinfectant soap and dry hands with a clean towel or better yet, with paper towels to throw it away immediately after use.
Better than the creams in bottles with pump
Never put your fingers – even if you washed your hands – directly in thepackage of cream. For a more hygienic as possible is better to opt for creams contained in bottles or packages with a locking system pump. Creams for ‘open air’ you should always use a spatula that will wash appropriate after use with hot water.
Always cleanse your face before you apply make-up!
After a long day of work, the temptation to apply a fresh layer of makeup on your face already made ​​up in the morning is great. Unfortunately it is not the best thing to do. During the day, dust and smog are deposited on the face. As you might imagine, is not very hygienic to put on another layer of makeup. Eliminated so before you apply make-up for the evening, the remains of the makeup of the day (and the dirt that is deposited on the face).
Keep clean brushes and sponges
regularly is important to wash your brushes (especially those used for the lips) and sponge with warm water and antibacterial soap, or with turpentine. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly with plenty of water to avoid the soap or turpentine in turn irritate the skin.Also keep them very clean containers and cosmetic bagBeauty products do not expose to heat, but keep them in a cool dry place.
Do not blow on the brushes
do not put the brushes in his mouth to moisten them (if necessary moisten with water). Do not put in mouth to soften the eyeliner to make it (better to put him on a moment near a heater or light bulb) and do not blow on the brush to remove excess product (make-up artists dropping off any excess on the back of hand).
Do not mistake beauty products with other people
is a sin, but true: the make-up can be a vehicle for the spread of bacterial infections and / or viral infections.Make a habit of not using tricks of others and do not pay your tricks on anyone. If it bothers to say ‘no’ to a friend, then give her the best cleaning product, or – if possible – thoroughly after handling. Here’s how
  • The lipstick lipstick cleaning taking off a layer and then wiping the surface with alcohol
  • The eyebrow pencil: the pencil to the eyes ‘clean’ by removing the outer layer with a sharpener
  • Mascara: packs of mascara are only reusable if the brush was not, after use, put inside the box. Wash the brush before closing the mascara.
  • PS is not recommended the exchange of contact lenses , colored lenses lately with this habit is prenedendo foot …
Do not use expired products
Unfortunately, beauty products do not carry (at least not always) an expiration date. But there are some things that you can take in order to understand if a product is still usable or not. Deposits thicker or discolored at the edges of the package are a sign of ‘aging’, as well as the ‘division’ of the foundation in two liquids of different density and color. Even if you smell impaired is better not to use the product.
In stores In stores the same rules that we have listed before. Do not apply lipstick on display right on the mouth (you have no idea how many people have already tried them! Surely many!). Better to test the color on the back of the hand. If you really want at all costs try the lipstick on the mouth, ask the clerk if you clean it first. Do not try the mascara, then unless the contract does not give you a brush ‘uses throw-away’ (hopefully it has not given to other people before you!). If you do make-up, be careful that they are used brushes and sponges clean (you can also suggest the use of cotton buds)
The beautician beauty must also be careful. Not only when you put make-up, but also (and especially!) When does a manicure or pedicure, or in case of hair removal. Always be careful using equipment clean and disinfected.
Among friends One of the most enjoyable pastimes, as we know, it’s makeup for the girls. Fun habit, almost intimate, however, requires that, in turn, the ‘hygiene’ needed. Ask your friend if you touch her ​​make-up, to bring his tricks. And ask her to use your makeup when she’s up to you. Then follow all the rules above.

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