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Thursday, 4 August 2011

August 04, 2011 Free Beauty Products

Embrace Your Natural Beauty! Love Your Natural Hair with Ten Tips and Free Products Every Day of August from &

Curlies can celebrate their natural beauty this month with prizing every day! Naturals can enter each day to have a chance to win more than $6,000 in fabulous curl-specific prizes and be entered to win a grand prize to attend a meet-up with CurlyNikki in New York City! was created to serve as an online “hair therapy session” for those struggling to embrace their naturally curly hair. It not only serves as an educational tool, but also as a platform for naturals to share their experiences, frustrations and triumphs of being naturally beautiful.
In its quest to help naturals embrace their natural beauty, CurlyNikki is launching 31 Days of Natural Beauty in August: Each day, readers can enter to win products from some of the top natural brands, including Kinky-Curly, Jane Carter, Karen’s Body Beautiful, Carol’s Daughter, Hair Rules and Ojon. One grand-prize winner will receive a Mizani Ultimate NYC Getaway and be flown to New York City to meet Nikki and be a VIP guest at the CurlyNikki meet-up. The grand-prize winner will also receive celebrity treatment while in New York that includes having their hair styled by Mizani’s celebrity stylist, dinner with Nikki and a featured story on and
“If you're not feeling your hair, you're not feeling yourself...” says Nikki Walton, creator/editor of “My mission with my blog is to provide balance between physical beauty and personal esteem in a way that defies societal norms—providing Hair Therapy to achieve real hair, real beauty and real self-esteem! This giveaway is the perfect extension to help women embrace their natural beauty.”
About the Contest
Readers are encouraged to take part in our natural giveaway of various curly hair products from our 15 sponsors: Gleau Moroccan Argan Oil, Camille Rose Naturals, Karen's Body Beautiful, Uncle Funky's Daughter, Koils By Nature, Kinky-Curly, Jane Carter, Earth's Nectar, Carol's Daughter, Hair Rules, Ojon, Miss Jessie's, Qhemet Biologics, Curls Like Us and Mizani. In addition to the fabulous giveaways, each entrant will qualify for a chance to win the ultimate Mizani giveaway to New York City where they will get to meet CurlyNikki and be treated like a celebrity!
How to Enter The Giveaway
31 Days of Natural Beauty Giveaway participants must register here to win: The giveaway begins August 1, 2011, at 12:00 a.m. CST and ends August 31, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. CST. Only online entries will be accepted. No purchase is necessary to enter or win.
A big part of loving your natural hair is knowing how to care for it, so has complied a list of ten natural beauty tips for happy and healthy hair.
1.    Binding wet hair into a tight pony is a curly hair care no-no, and can cause damage in the middle of the hair shaft. Instead, slick wet hair back with conditioner and a little oil or gel. Let it dry loose or use a headband to keep hair off the face.
2.    Avocado butter is quite effective in stretching curly hair. When hair is twisted or braided with the butter, it will generally have much less shrinkage than without it. Shea butter is another good example.
3.    Twist on wet hair and allow ample time for hair to completely dry. This is the cardinal rule for twist outs! Don't take 'em out before they have time to dry all the way. Untwisting when your hair is damp will inevitably give you the frizzies.
4.    Deep condition regularly as hair behaves best when it's nice and moisturized. Hair looks great when you deep condition every week: it's softer, more manageable, and less prone to knots and tangles.
5.    Co-wash or shampoo with sulfate, silicone and alcohol free products. When it comes to all your product try to keep it all natural.
6.    Don't EVER skip your hair conditioner. Opt for all natural conditioners and not just the ones that say all natural but read the ingredients. Your conditioner is usually the initial source of moisture added besides water that you add to your hair so choose wisely.
7.    NEVER towel dry your hair. This only causes frizzness especially if you’re using a terry cloth towel. Drip dry, t-shirt dry or use a microfiber towel.
8.    It is imperative that you cover your hair while you sleep with a satin scarf or bonnet. If you don't like to cover your hair, invest in a satin pillowcase. The satin is smooth and will not pull at the hair or absorb the moisture in the hair.
9.    Grab a spray bottle, fill it half way with water and add three tablespoons of olive oil. Shake well and use daily to add moisture to the hair. Spray liberally. You can always make more!
10.    The human head sheds on average 50-100 hairs each day. If you have curly coils, these little buggers are probably getting stuck in your coils rather than slipping out on their own. Detangling will help you get these hairs out and prevent tangles from reforming.
Learn how to love and embrace your natural hair with, articles, styling tips, product reviews, and more by visiting
About The NaturallyCurly Network
The NaturallyCurly Network is a collection of sites that informs, empowers and unites a community of people brought together by a common interest – curly hair. The flagship brand,, attracts 700,000 unique monthly engaged, influential consumers creating user-generated content on a daily basis – boasting more than 30,000 photos, product and stylist reviews and 30,000 monthly forum posts. The network also includes, a professional community for stylists servicing the curly clientele;, a boutique ecommerce site showcasing more than 60 brands and 550 community-vetted products; and, the leading natural hair expert in the blogosphere, encouraging people everywhere to share their experiences, frustrations and triumphs of being naturally glamorous, with 230,000 unique monthly visitors. The entire network logs 1 million unique monthly visits, on average from more than 250 countries worldwide, all of whom have a common thread – a curl, kink or wave – that bonds them together.

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