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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Makeup 02 July 2011 Healthy Nails

Short, Healthy, Attractive, Nail Designs

Short, Healthy, Attractive, Nail Designs
Though sometimes nails are not given much notice, these firm tiny things can in fact establish the status of your health. They even mirror your personality by reflecting how much you give importance on hygiene and sanitation. If you want to have a healthy and strong nails, indulge yourself with the following ways.
Shorter Nails Can Look Perfect

Always eat healthy and have your diet rich in protein. Other than meat, you can also find vegetables that are rich in protein. It’s the protein that provides your nails strength and hardness. You may constantly incorporate in your diet garlic, fruits and leafy vegetables.
Never soak your nails in water for prolonged time. Water is one of the adversaries of nails. If you believe that a certain activity demands your nails to be soaked for a longer time, use rubber gloves to protect your fingernails or boots to protect your toenails. If soaking is really inevitable, strengthen your nails with healthy diet.
Refrain from using your nails as a tool. Some people are used to having their nails scrape stickers, scratch stubborn dirt, and some other activities that can possibly harm the nails such as nail biting. Your nails are never meant to be utilized in such manner. If for instance you crack or chip your fingernails, you now become more vulnerable to infections.
It’s better to have your nails short. Having them short makes them easier to clean. But in case you want a long and lustrous nails, always clean them regularly and boost their strength with oils. There are a number of nail strengthening products.
And the last but not the least, don’t have a little sign of infection unnoticed. Medicate it right away. Usual nail infections like nail fungus easily worsen if not eradicated right away.

Rock Scarlett Johansson Nails

Rock Scarlett Johansson Nails
There are many things about Scarlett Johansen that people look up to, including her hair, body and personal style. This personal style, of course, includes her classy use of her fingernails as accessories. Scarlett uses the up-and-coming styles, designs and colors mixed with her elegant use of them to create a wonderful addition to her overall style and look. The good news? She is one of the easiest celebrities in Hollywood to copy as far as fingernail style.
Scarlett Johansson is known for shying away from acrylic or fake fingernails in any way when she’s rocking the red carpet at an award show. This, if for no other reason, is a good one for following in her footsteps. She has beautiful healthy nails because she doesn’t damage them with acrylics, and so will you if you follow her. She also is known for keeping her nails at a very active, short length.
Once you’ve got the length and type of nail that Scarlett Johansson uses down pat, all that is left is to chose the design and color. Scarlett usually sports a solid, opaque color nail polish on her short nails. At one red carpet event she sported opaque white nails in a very sporty but elegant look. At another, she was spotted with dark red nails, also short and opaque in color. Basically, using your real nails, keeping them short and rounded off, and then brushing them with an opaque color, any color that is in season or style for that time of year is the best way to get Scarlett’s look.


With all the cutting, filing, buffing and polishing that nails are subjected to, it is important to take care of them to keep them strong. This is especially important if your nails are inherently soft or brittle. Nail strengthener can help you maintain healthy and strong nails.
When it comes to nail strengthener, many women become confused when it comes to how to use it. The products range from the weak to the very strong, so it would be a good idea to get one recommended that will suit your specific type of nail. Nail strengtheners should be applied daily, as a thin coat. Generally it should be applied to the entire nail but if you are growing them out it is best to apply it to the nail plate only. If you want to apply nail polish, all you have to do is let your nail strengthener double as a base coat.
If you haven’t found a nail strengthener that works for you or you want to save some cash, you can make it yourself. All you will need is one teaspoon of castor oil, 400 IU of vitamin E, two drops of sandalwood oil and six drops of lavender oil. These ingredients are perfect for strengthening and nourishing your nails. They should be mixed and placed in a brown bottle, and a small amount should be applied to nails twice daily.
Nail strengtheners should be a standard item in your nail care kit, so go out and get yours today.


Many people are looking to nail art to dress their nails up, but don’t know enough about how to clean nails. There are a few things you should be doing when it comes to taking care of your nails.
Cleaning your nails doesn’t have to be a daunting task that takes hours, instead there are a few things you can do on a daily basis to ensure they stay clean. When washing you hands, massage soap around your cuticles and nails. When moisturizing, add some to your cuticles and around your nails. Add five minutes to your daily beauty routine and use soapy warm water to soak your nails in. When this is complete you can use a soft nailbrush to scrub your nails. Toenails can be cared for in much the same way.
Another thing you may be wondering is how to clean your nails if your everyday tasks leave them messy. In this case prevention is key. With gardening or housework, always try to wear gloves. If dirty nails can’t be avoided, what you should do afterwards is mix some warm water with a bit of dishwashing liquid. This will loosen the dirt under your nails, and thereafter you can remove the dirt with a brush. Soft brushes are best to use, as harder ones can often just push the dirt further back.
These are just some tips on how to clean your nails, and by taking care of them you can maintain beautiful and healthy nails for a long time to come.


Some ladies seem to have effortless natural gorgeous nails. But it may not always be the case as some of them work hard to maintain their nails with the help of a few simple manicure tips. Here are some points you can use if you want to have clean and attractive nails as well.
The most basic thing you need to know when maintaining your nails is to care for your cuticles. It can impede the nails’ growth if not taken care of properly. This is one of the main reasons why one’s hand can look appalling. You can use a quality cuticle cream to help you remove dead skin.
Apply the cuticle cream on your cuticles and wait for a few minutes. With an orange stick, carefully push your cuticles back. Move the orange stick in a circular motion to gently loosen the dead skin. Remove it when it is easy to take out. If there is cuticle cream left in your nails, remove it with a paper towel and wash your hands after with soap and water.
Cuticle creams are available in different types depending on how they are used. It is important to always follow the instructions given with every cream to be sure that the product is applied correctly.
For women who frequently use their hands for washing and other manual jobs, a cuticle oil can help. This prevents the cuticles from becoming dry and eventually crack. Apply the cuticle oil regularly. Caring for your cuticles is always the first step to having healthy nails.


Women of today are now considering the use of artificial nails instead of growing them. This is a great solution especially for ladies who are unable to grow long healthy nails. In fact, there are various artificial nail types. The most popular ones are acrylic nails, gel nails, press on nails and wraps. The availability of each type will depend on the location.
Artificial nails today are hard to differentiate from real nails because of the quality and creativity of each. They are a lot stronger than natural nails but you will still need to maintain them.
Acrylic nails are widely known around the world with its durability and inexpensiveness. They can be obtained from almost every salon. Your natural nails will not be damaged too much if they are attached carefully.
Gel nails may be more costly than artificial nails with regards to maintenance, but they are the most natural looking in comparison with the other nail types. Basically it is shiny and clear. Upon applying it, there will be no odors from paint.
Press on nails can be easily bought at your local store. They usually come as a fast solution for the need to change nail appearance. These are cheap and you no longer need to go to a salon to get it fixed. However, the quality of the product will depend on the price and more often than not it will look extremely fake if it is too cheap.
Nails wraps are also used to strengthen weak nails. It is less durable but it requires low maintenance. When purchasing all types of nails, you have to remember to still care for your natural ones to prevent further damage.


There are several little things that people can do to promote stronger nails. One of the first things is to get the nail area moisturized. Users can use lotions or even ointments to keep the area around the nails hydrated. The nails should also occasionally be filed. This helps to keep them growing even and cuts down on breakage. Vitamin B is also supposed to be good for the growth of nails and may be a good option for people. Other foods such as whole grains and citrus fruits are linked to the promotion of stronger nails. There are many supplements that promise to help the nails grow that people can look into and possible try.
Get Healthy Nails!
When doing work around the house or even at work it is a good idea to wear gloves when possible. This helps to protect the nails from a lot of wear and tear. It is also a good idea to keep the nail polished. For those who are not big into that clear polish will do. From time to time users must also make sure to clean under the nails to get rid of any excess dirt and also to keep them trimmed and any dead skin removed. Many people also keep their cuticles pushed back to get the nails adequate room to grow healthy. Users must not bite their nails and give the nails a little attention daily to ensure positive growth. There are also various over the counter products that promise to help with nail growth.

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