Odors and stains. Two inconveniences that summer entails. Two inconveniences, especially in social life can be very difficult. Anyone who feels at home with two large wet spots under the arms? And who enjoys putting on the bus to a loop to hang when you know you through your arm to eliminate an unpleasant odor spreads? Nobody yet. Here are ten tips to perspiration stains and odor abatement.

The first tip is: make sure you’re clean. Shower every day. Always wear clean clothes. Put all Clothing you directly to the skin and wearing underwear and socks after one day bear directly in the wash. Air garments that you can not wash before hanging them back in the closet. In very hot weather it may be necessary to give you their mid-day to dress.

Use a good deodorant or antiperspirant

Pick the best not just the first product from the shelves of the supermarket. First, consider what you need. Is the problem that particularly nasty smell or do you have more problems with sweat? A deodorant works mainly against unpleasant body odors. An anti-perspirant and body odor comes from weeping.
Make a conscious choice. Sometimes you use multiple products to find out what works best for you. It also appears that a satisfactory product for years, but you notice that suddenly not as good helps. Then it’s time to change.

Wear tight / small clothing

Make sure you dress comfortably. Go for loose, which is wider clothing. First you have in this type of clothing less so hot and you sweat less. Secondly, it will loose, light clothing that does not “stuffy” feeling of tight clothing, a feeling that you are doing all the sweat break out. Third sweat less easily penetrates the garment because the skin has less contact with the clothing. Tip: Replace your usual suit with a linen suit that is often all that cut terms is wider and more spacious wear shirts.
Go for natural materials

It may be logical but we still like it again. Natural materials like cotton and linen to the body “breathe”. Synthetic materials give a “suffocating” feeling. So please preference for natural materials, not just your clothes but for your underwear and socks.

Everyone knows that dark colors absorb heat while light colors for a cool and fresh feeling. Dress therefore preferably in light colors – white, light gray, soft pastels, beiges -. But as summer also!
Try underarm pads

Protective jackets, blazers and other garments that can not easily wash with underarm perspiration pads from moisture. That way you do not have to worry about damp spots and feel “safer”. It also saves you big bills from the cleaners.

Let those feet breathe

In your free time is rather easy. Then treat your feet with the luxury of an open toe sandal or slipper. Sneakers and sneakers would sometimes have a quick smell. You wear closed shoes, go for a natural material that lets your feet breathe as much as possible.
Adjust your pace to again

In hot countries the rate is lower than ours. That also has to do with the temperatures. Customize your rhythm, therefore, to the warm summer weather. Take too much of yourself physically and plan your events more spacious so you can do anything easy. Do not go on the run to a meeting or fashionable occasion, do not want to “sloshing armpits’ and sweat on your forehead arrive.

Find the heat is not on, keep a cool head

Choose the place in the shade, choose the dark side of the street you should anticipate, put the umbrella in the garden. Find the heat does not just choose those places that your body is pleasantly cool

Eat and drink sensibly

Some foods make you sweat more or go to an unpleasant perspiration odor, such as spicy foods, coffee and garlic. Perhaps one reason to avoid them. In any case, make sure you drink enough water. Sweating leads to dehydration and you must ensure that the moisture content of your body is maintained.

Be confident
Last but not least. Feel secure and confident. If you’ve taken the necessary steps to odors and perspiration spots to counter, you can be assured, and you do not care for this inconvenience to rest. You can feel safe and secure with the door off. And that in itself will save a lot of sweat, which is your self-confidence back benefits. Thus the circle.