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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

July 26, 2011 Broken Hair Tips

Alternative Treatment for Healthy Hair

There are some extremely easy methods to make your hair healthy again. The first thing to do in a situation such as yours is to cut your hair short. Once you have short hair, you can actually begin a maintenance routine for it so that it grows back healthy and rich. Try to leave your hair loose as often as you can. This will not let the strands get restricted or pulled at various levels, which is the reason they break. To make your hair healthy, you need to restore the body of your hair strands. In order to do this, you must make it a point to keep it well conditioned at all times.

Make it a weekly practice to massage warm olive, almond, castor or lavender oil into your hair and leave this on overnight. This will strengthen and condition your hair. Try to use conditioner at least once a week, as this is essential to smoothen out the strands of your hair and not make them appear bedraggled. Try to apply henna, or mehendi, mixed with yogurt to your hair at least every other month. This will add good health and deep condition your hair. Applying coconut milk to the roots and strands of your hair will make it look shiny and healthy. Avoid using hair dryers and irons, as the heat from them will lead to your strands breaking mid-way.

The best remedy for u would be the regular application of warm coconut oil. Just heat some coconut oil till its luke-warm. You can add a few drops of lemon juice.. It will help supplement essential Vit C nutrients. Apply this concoction to your scalp and gently massage with your fingertips. This will significantly boost circulation and promote the growth of strong healthy hair. Rub some oil onto your palm and apply it along the length of your hair. This will provide proteins to the hair shaft, and help u get rid of the dryness.

Do this at least once a week before going to bed and watch your hair grow long and beautiful, full of natural shine and strength!

I know that damaged hair can be frustrating. When you have hair breakage in different places, it can give you split ends, make you hair seem thinner at the ends and give your hair an unhealthy look. But don’t panic. There is a broken hair treatment you can perform to make your hair less visibly damaged and make the healthy hair stronger and less likely to break in the future.
First, I would consider cutting a lot of length off your hair. Once you get rid of all the damaged hair, it will be more effective to treat your hair. This is because damaged hair is already weak and could break more — a split end can split more.
Now, take the not-as-damaged hair that’s left and make sure it’s well conditioned. A good hair treatment that can help prevent future damaged hair is an olive oil conditioning treatment. I described how to use olive oil as a treatment for damaged hair on another post. You can see it here. Try this out, but really there are a lot of deep conditioners that are good for damaged hair.
Prevent more damaged hair by keeping up with the conditioner. Beware of using any sort of drying product on your hair. Be sure your shampoo isn’t drying out your hair. Also, gel or any other product with alcohol, like hairspray, can be drying and cause damaged hair. A hair serum, which you put on your hair after you’ve washed and conditioned it can be a good moisturizer and broken hair treatment, too.
More things you should avoid to prevent damaged hair are washing too often and using heat styling products on your hair. You can do these things in moderation, but every day is probably too much. You hair type will determine how often you should wash, blow dry or style in order to prevent damaged hair. Also, try not to put your hair into a tight ponytail too often. Using an elastic hair band or headband often can also lead to breakage.
If you color your hair, consider going back to your natural hair color. Hair dye contains lots of chemicals that almost unavoidably cause damaged hair.
To supplement your hair treatment, be sure you’re eating right. Include lots of veggies, fruits and protein into your diet. Drink lots of water, too. There are also vitamins made to help hair growth — I don’t know about their effectiveness but they might work for you.
Some people also go to a salon for a deep conditioning treatment every so often. If you’ve tried the other hair treatments I described and they don’t seem to work well for you, this might be an effective option.
If you try any of these treatments I think you’ll be happy with the results. Good luck

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