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Sunday, 17 July 2011

July 17, 2011 Colour Contact Lenses – Accessorizing Your Eyes

Colour Contact Lenses – Accessorizing Your Eyes

Colour contact lenses for beautifying eyes are available in four tint types – handling, opaque, light-filtering and enhancement.
Handling tint is generally light greenish or bluish tint present in the lens which assists the user in easy visibility when they insert, remove or accidentally drop them. As it has hardly any tint, hence eye colour is not affected.
Opaque tint is available in more deep tints which totally alter eye colour and generally comprise of a pattern of solid hues. Those with dark-coloured eyes are best candidates for such colour contact lenses which are sold in wide-ranging array of colours like green, grey, hazel, amethyst & azure. Theatrical, Special FX, Halloween, FX, Novelty Contacts are all opaque tint lenses which transitorily metamorphose users into jaguars, aliens or other unusual beings.
Light filtering lenses are comparatively novel ones in markets and particularly helpful to those golfing or playing tennis as a profession/hobby since they help in enhancing particular colours like yellowish tones like that noted in golf balls or tennis balls would become more apparent in comparison to the surroundings.
Enhancement tints are solid, clear ones which are slightly dark in appearance as compared to handling tints. These do not bring about transformation in eye colour and simply intended for enhancing the existent eye colour. Those people with light eyes & keen on making them seem deeper generally opt for this variety.
The firms who manufacture colour contact lenses have gone full-throttle in mimicking the innate appearance of the iris (coloured disc within the eye). As this region has vivid forms & lines, several colour contact lenses are featuring a sequence of small coloured spots on the lenses for proffering an innate appearance to the eyes. The lens core lying above the pupil is clear hence enabling visibility.
Even though varying sizes of lenses fitting majority of the users are available in the market, in situations (like when one blinks) the coloured part might slither to some extent on top of the pupil.
Moreover since pupil size continually changes for accommodating altering light scenarios hence at times post-dawn, its size might become bigger in comparison to the translucent lens core which might affect vision to a slight extent.
In case one faces unrelenting problems with one’s eye contacts then it is imperative to promptly visit an eye specialist.
Eye Contacts Sharing – Never a Good Thing
Though donning colour contact lenses could add that zing to your eyes, physicians caution users to avoid sharing them or for that matter any types of contacts with buddies & not swapping colours with them.
These lenses are custom-fit medical devices as per specification hence swapping them is not advisable. Also detrimental bacterial forms could get transmitted when lenses are exchanged leading to eye infections or several rather risky eye problems.
Proper cleansing & disinfection using apt cleansing products is a must for all contact lenses and seeking your physician’s advice on which brand is best-suited for your lenses.
Rx Requirement for Colour Contact Lenses
Certainly, the United States regulation necessitates contact lens prescription which is pertinent for even plano types which do not have Rx power. Any types of contact lenses irrespective of purposes need a legit prescription penned down by an ophthalmologist and must not be vended in its absence.
Choosing the Apt Colour
You are interested in showcasing a novel eye colour that catches people’s attention
  • For people with mane, skin & innate eye hues having cool, bluish-reddish under-tones then warm tone contacts like light-brown would look best.
  • Those with darker skin tones could select bright colour contacts.
  • Women into using make-up on the eyes could try contacts which would be noticeable and apparent despite the use of mascaras and eye shadows.
  • Those with innate colour of the eyes as brown could try azure, green or mauve.
You are interested in looking different though not in a stark manner.
  • Enhancer lenses that possess analogous colour as the eyes will help in defining the borders of the iris & deepening innate colour of the eyes though not causing a dramatic change.
  • For blue-eyed people, green or grey colour contacts would look nice and natural.
  • Those women with mane, skin, cosmetics & innate eye colour in warm tones could select similar warm-colour contacts like hazel for matching & blending it.
In case one is keen on using colour contacts on one-time occasions then daily-disposable ones are created & priced for single time usage & then to be thrown away

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