Here are the hair trends for spring and summer 2011, according to experts.
Long hair and unkempt, and short cuts jaunty, ’70s influences. These are the hair trends for summer 2011 accordingto the hairdressers.
Margherita.nethas interviewed the most well known hair stylist, who meet regularly in the backstage at fashion shows, and season after season, take care of the hairstyles of the models at the international level, dealing with the hair of celebrities and VIPs. Who better than they can help us identify trends Hair for Women for 2011?

 Bye bye minimal creativity welcome – Enrico Mariotti

The macro trends that emerged from the fashion shows for spring summer 2011 is surely one: Bye-bye minimal, welcome creativity. Go through the dark seasons of austerity and decadence finally seems to regain its fashion creative verve. The hair trends for summer 2011 will characterize the woman who comes straight from the 70s. The rebellious spirit of the seventies women is expressed through the creation of voluminous hairstyles, movement and shape control. The ponytail, smooth and ordered the woman is replaced by new experiments and brilliant tribute to the past – Enrico Marietta, Italy Pantene Official Hairstylist For the full interview with Enrico Mariotti, click here.
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Just look with the edges – Dora Roberti

Stop the edges … I look just left the hairdresser! The summer 2011 women’s hair is sexy and stylish natural, “a fake natural” that is designed and structured. It does not matter whether it’s a long cut or short, the hair must be healthy and cared for. One of my favorite short cuts is the so-called a la Emma Watson looks PIXIE. For long hair is the golden rule: the longer the better. The unkempt hair is taken and moved, the line must be absolutely in the middle. The main rule for summer 2011: it smoothed the hair! – Dora Roberti, hair stylist for the full interview with Dora Roberti, click here.

Influences 70′s, a little ‘forms of vintage and’ anti-head ‘- TONI & GUY
During London Fashion Week we have seen three major trends for spring and summer 2011. The first trend is characterized by a strong revival of the ’70s. Let’s talk about hair voluminous ruffled high motion and texture. Think about combinations like ‘Disco Fever flicks’, length wavy hair and grunge-influenced rock. The second trend lengths lets you see ‘Prerafaellite’: romantic, feminine, soft, a little ‘vintage. The third trend can be described as ‘Ugly Gorgeous’. Let’s look at hairstyles, contrasting sharply with the natural shapes of the head and use that contrast with bright bands braids ‘modernized’ – TONI & GUY
The long climb with fluorescent accents – Sergio Carlucci
Sergio Carlucci, Creative Director and founder of Toni & Guy Italy, translated from the catwalk trends in hairstyles and cuts that we can expect in everyday life. ‘For the woman we think that the trend will be more prominent focus to the long climb with a fluorescent color meches hidden in her hair. This is a sexy look and a little demanding but impressive that we have called ‘Veeka’ – Sergio Carlucci, Creative Director and founder of Toni & Guy Italy
Conflicting trends – John Beerens

hair trends for women are characterized mainly for contrast. On the one hand we see long hair with a strong come back fringe. On the other hand we have the short cuts that become more lively and ‘wild’ a few seasons ago when we cut loin and helmets that had to be more flat and smooth. Back to the volume and focus on texture and structure of the cut. The colors become more sophisticated. We work with more shades (never mixed) for a natural effect. Around the summer we can expect more strong colors like red – John Beerens, hair stylist International -Netherlands

Cut short with a net effect of ‘oil’ and long hair with movement – Mark Melief
We expect a great spring with concepts such as color and texture in the foreground, not only in the hair but also in make-up and fashion. Short hair is sexy and sharp lines and colors have an effect ‘oil’. For long hair you want to move. Very trendy large and full fringe that extends to the sides even more than before – Mark Melief, creative director of Kinki Kappers, Netherlands .