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Saturday, 2 July 2011

How many people customarily go to the dentist for a check-up? It’s expected that many people in Jakarta frequency go unless it’s an emergency, because many dentists’ hours strife with people’s work schedules. But not Dr.Robby Yulfitriadi.

The 30-year-old dentist, fondly well known as Dr. Obenk by his patients, non-stop his dental hospital at his home in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, and keeps a solid river of patients who call at all times,24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where is your hospital and when is it open?

It’s at Jalan Puskesmas No. 48A in the easterly segment of Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. There’s no prearranged working hours because it’s in the residence where we live. It means we may be unequivocally adjustable and be ready anytime people need me to attend to their teeth.

Does that meant someone could advance at midnight on Saturday?

[Laughs] Sure, they can come. we once had crisis tooth operation at a o’clock in the morning. However, many of my patients make an appointment before they come. But I’ll unquestionably ponder scheduling appointments at any time, even at 4 a.m. Just let me know when you’re going to come.

It’s not familiar for dentists to work outward of periodic business hours. Why do you?

To me, the illness of people’s teeth is only as critical as the illness of any other segment of their body. Doctors can’t defer operation for people who have a heart attack, right? The same goes with a toothache. Though many people frequently do not regard toothaches are serious, it’s obviously dangerous to not obtain correct treatment true away. People are infrequently as well active to customarily examine their teeth. They might be peaceful to go but the schedules of their dentists only never tie in up with theirs. Beside, we have my hospital at my house; I’m here many of the time, so why wouldn’t we free my time for my patients? That’s a doctor’s job, right?

Why did you turn a dentist?

I was unwittingly enrolled in dentistry at Trisakti University in Jakarta. we obviously longed for to investigate engineering but during the the number enrolled test, we put dentistry as my initial choice and engineering as the second. To my surprise, we got agreed in to dentistry and all else followed. It was all well-spoken sailing right by to graduation. we never thought I’d suffer it so much. we even met my spouse in the same faculty. She’s moreover a dentist right away and we work together here in the same clinic.
Why do your patients call you Dr. Obenk [Screwdriver]? Is it since the drills you use?

[Laughs] That could be a reason. But Obenk has been my nickname since we was a little. we favourite to fool around around with screwdrivers ” not to use it, but only to fool around with it. That’s why everybody call me Obenk.

What are the many familiar complaints patients have?

Most of my patients have curved teeth, so they inquire me to put braces on their teeth to make them straighter. Many of my patients moreover have cavities.

What’s the many tough tooth complaint you’ve ever handled?

Having to run on a molar that was flourishing in the incorrect direction. It was considerably hard because we had to be unequivocally clever not to spoil the nerves in the gums. If there’s a hard box that we do not regard we can handle, I’ll inquire a comparison dentist with more experience to advance and help. Critical cavities are obviously a hard thing to attend to and very dangerous when it gets to a particular stage. Once a hole pierces the resin and hits a nerve, it might result in a protuberance or other infection. The nerves in your gums are related to the heart. That’s why it’s critical to sustain their health.

Can you share with us your most appropriate tips to gripping teeth healthy?

First of all, you have to have a burly will and always keep in thoughts that the illness of your teeth is as critical as any other segment of your body. Second, do not be quiescent when it comes to brushing your teeth at least 3 times a day. You need at least 3 mins to brush well, with the right technique with your toothbrush. Make small round motions when brushing on any of your side of your mouth, not up and down because that can result in recessions at the resin line. Last but not least, examine your teeth at the dentist’s about once every 6 months, only to ensure that all is OK.

Doctor Robby Yulfitriadi was discussing to Nariswari Dita Yudianti.

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