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Friday, 1 July 2011

Bridal Coral Makeup

2011 bridal makeup trend! Sense of what kind of makeup, so no matter what distance you are always beautiful? The essence of the bride makeup, makeup seemingly inadvertently reflected in every little detail. Sweet orange tulip graceful, gentle coral carnations, pink sunflowers shine and so on ,perfect bridal make-up of the care machine, so that you firmly grasp his heart!
Coral wedding day the bride's delicate texture of the graceful
Three-dimensional contour + cream style nude lip confidence
Even at the time of entering the church, I have the most brilliant orange hue, to collect the envy of all eyes, a dazzling display like the Queen.
1. Tulip makeup sense of presentation, everyone loves to reach.
Neat personal intellectual style, not sweet and delicate three-dimensional makeup, is the male and female take-all style! Transparent selection of eye shadow, you can easily stack a deep three-dimensional look but no attack. Cheeks reveals a good natural color, and then with a stylish coral pink lips, so that women will be distributing a unique charm.
Eye transparent, three-dimensional is the primary condition
Beige eye shadow brush on the eyelids to enhance eye three-dimensional. Then, lying in the orbital and pale pink pearl silk brush, allowing more three-dimensional look and feel more hydrated. Available on the eyelids and eyelashes, golden brown, the roots of embellishment, and the overall eye makeup more layered. Just at this time eyelash comb to open flat brush gently. That the use of the twenty-three kinds gradient shadow in the eye, but also noted that a clean and transparent principles. Eyes at this time just to make a type of three-dimensional facial features.
Cheek skills repair capacity, three-dimensional contour
Before looking finish in the last, you can first use the effect with red polish Cream base, so a good color as revealed from the underlying skin to a natural; then brush lightly with a blush of coral orange cheeks, to avoid too much color , the powder brush to open the hair brush at short.
Lip temperament nude lips, out of fashion Evening Dresses sense .
Depicts the outline of the lower lip, and painted lips out a little bit, you can fuzzy lip line and create a sense of mouth upward smile.
The momentum of the bride's gorgeous shine
BLING BLING + dazzling gorgeous posture
Toast during the wedding, the bride can not avoid the link. What kind of Homecoming Dresses, not only make the good impression he is more recognized you, but also to his relatives and friends have added on your appreciation, you must learn the skills!
2. Pearl muscle, with gorgeous lips and eyes crystal momentum --- flashing light of the full sense of Gerbera makeup
In the wedding, how beautiful can be a debut win, have spent every bride beautiful dedication to learn the Bible thought. In fact, wedding makeup is not difficult to put it bluntly, in addition to existing givers, fashion Party Dresses sense is also a major consideration.
The degree that there is a sense of makeup, in fact, is the most elevated elements shiny, choose coral + silver eye shadow, allowing eyes were like stars in the sky at midnight as bright rosy; crystal-like lips, let your Every word is more sexy, mysterious; then with the shining pearl beautiful skin texture, so you are luminous with the gorgeous light, a wedding Classic Bridesmaid Dress in the beauty of absolute win!
Eye color up and down the same eye shadow, eyes more prominent
Fold in the upper and lower eye shadow brush and blooming with luster to the entire eye socket, then after the end of eye painted coral stack, so that a more profound look sexy. Silver painted lower eyelid, the clever eyes soften, then with sequins under the end of eye pencil to strengthen 1 / 3, so look more prominent. Of course, long thick lashes without smudges is absolutely necessary, and then with three-dimensional eyebrow, is that there is a sense of Beauty Party hundred points.
Cheek Local High Light is the key to victory
If you want an instant wedding Colored Flower Girl Dresses makeup to enhance sense of presence, local High Light is absolutely key to success. Under the triangle to play dazzling, improve skin through light; Yanwei C, lit, so that the cheeks becomes compact; lit depression in the bridge of the nose, the nose can make quite an instant change, outline more clearly.
Alice delicate pearl tone Lip lips are hot
The first containing detailed pearl pink rose lip gloss coated lips thin, and in the lip center to do to strengthen, tone can make lips immediately become Alice.
Gentle and sweet flavor of the bride
Innocent eyes, love + magical atmosphere of gentle muscle
Wedding night, wedding Prom Dresses, 15cm apart in your little world, so that the outline can be subtle glance. 50% pure +20% +30% gentle and sexy, seemingly gentle but there is a sense of feeling full makeup, so that he can not be absolutely eye away from your face.
Innocent eyes, soft lips moist muscle increases a sense of skills full bloom carnations makeup
After all, prefer the gentle man, a sweet girl ah! Therefore, especially in such a close distance is staring, too heavy or too full, and if the selection of colors to decorate the face, but have the opposite effect; wise woman was able to use some color on the tips, so that their tender texture increased dramatically.
Warm warm brown eyes, supple soft light through the skin, coupled with moist lips full of QQ, less temperament bully's pressure, a little more docile woman, pleasant atmosphere, we should firmly grasp his heart, not at all easy!
Eye eyes without threatening the innocent
Eye makeup is definitely the leading tender system. Warm brown eye shadow with a swipe at the fold in the eye, and faint smudges to the eye socket. By the end of eye under the eyelid 2 / 3 of the same color are lightly sketched, said innocent gentle eyes, creating a sense of pure soft sprouting eyes. In order to avoid too sharp eyes, the choice of gray instead of black eyeliner eye-shaped outline. Mascara should absolutely right, too much mascara grab the play to be counter; thick eyelashes are arrhizus clear texture, eye makeup a plus to the overall effect.
Tender and delicate soft cheek Cheek
The orange base, then smiled pink muscle at the peak increased, and finally a transparent pearl champagne powder, in the cheekbone to the cheeks at the sign outside the C gently brush off, can make skin soft and transparent flashing light.
Lip supple feminine lips dripping
Soft touch of the lips, then definitely people want to kiss. Selection of high a peach color moisturizing lip gloss, thin lips painted, can be particularly strengthened Chun Feng Department, makes lips look more plump and elastic.

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