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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


        Skin cleanses have been performed for centuries using herbs, 
        saunas and sweat lodges.  The theory behind skin cleanses is 
        that toxic substances (e.g., pesticides, drugs, etc.) and
        bodily wastes (e.g., fats, excess inorganic minerals) are often 
        deposited in the fatty tissues below the surface of the skin. 
        This is especially the case if the other organs of 
        elimination (e.g., colon, kidneys, lungs) are not capable of 
        processing and eliminating these substances.  If the skin is 
        not efficiently eliminating wastes, there will accumulate a
        backlog of toxic substances and wastes in the body.  This can
        put extra strain on the liver to process these substances.  
        In addition, some of the substances that were deposited in 
        the fatty tissue re-enter the bloodstream and cause 
        additional health problems over time.

        In order to eliminate the backlog of wastes and toxic 
        substances and improve the skin's efficiency in eliminating
        these wastes, a skin cleanse should be performed.  I have 
        seen and heard of many cases where the more powerful forms of 
        skin cleanses have significantly improved the condition of
        persons with severe allergies and Multiple Chemical

        A sauna is used in some of the cleanses below.  A sauna is 
        contraindicated in cases where the patient is very weak, very
        obese, pregnant, or suffering from hepatitis, jaundice, or
        anemia.  Since minerals can be lost during the use of a 
        sauna, it is very important to replace those minerals and get 
        extra supplimentation by:

        - Eating slightly more sea vegetables and kelp

        - Taking chelated and colloidal minerals capsules or liquid
          minerals.  See "Food and Nutrition" chapter for more 
          information on these suppliments.

        - Taking salt and potassium tablet is you are in the sauna 
          for more than 1-hour per day.

        - Following your health practitioner's advice for any other 
          supplimentation needed during the skin cleanse.

        i.   Air Bath
             Bathing the skin in fresh air can be very helpful to
             promote the skin's ability to eliminate toxins.  I
             learned this technique years ago at Herbert Shelton's
             center in San Antonio where people used to practice nude
             sunbathing to help heal the skin.

             An air bath can be done outside in a bathing suit if it 
             is warm outside or in a warm room with the windows open.
             Try to avoid taking an air bath in extreme heat  to 
             avoid getting overheated.  Avoid mid-day sun in the 
             Summer to prevent sunburn.  Fifteen minutes to a half 
             hour is plenty of time for an air bath.

        ii.  Skin Brushing
             Skin brushing with a natural bristle brush is a very
             good way to promote elimination of wastes from the skin 
             and to improve the overall health of the skin.  I have 
             seen it recommended by both holistic health practitioners
             and dermatologists.  I *strongly* recommend performing 
             skin brushing on a regular basis in order to help promote
             healing of the organs that are burdened by excess wastes.

             Purchase a natural bristle skin brush with a long handle 
             from your local natural foods store.  Use this brush to 
             brush in little circles in every part of your body except
             your head and other sensitive areas (e.g., genitals).  
             This should be done at least one time every other day.  
             (I do skin brushing every morning before showering.) 
             It should be done twice per day, morning and evening during
             a GI tract or skin cleanse or during an acute illness.

             Many natural food stores sell natural bristle complexion 
             brushes which can be used on more sensative areas.  You 
             should also purchase a natural bristle hair brush.

        iii. Simple Cleansing Bath
             A very simple cleansing bath can be performed as follows:

             1.  Fill the bathtub with hot, unchlorinated water.  (If no 
                 unchlorinated water is available, add 2 Tablespoons of
                 Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) to the bathwater.)

             2.  Add 2 cups of baking soda to neutralize the acids of 
                 the toxins.

             3.  Add 2 cups of Epsom Salts to the water.  They will 
                 help draw toxins out of the body.  If you have a 
                 rash or open cut, the Epsom Salts may sting, so do not
                 use them.

             4.  Soak in the tub for 1/2 hour.

             5.  Drink a lot of hot tea while in the bath, such as 
                 the Arise & Shine Skin Cleanse tea (see below).

        iv.  Sauna Cleansing
             The use of a sauna can be a powerful tool in performing 
             a skin cleanse.  In order to perform a simple sauna 
             cleanse, do the following:

             a.  Locate a sauna that does not have the wood treated 
                 with toxic disinfectants.

             b.  Use a low temperature.  The temperature should be 
                 high enough that you work up a moderate sweat after
                 10-15 minutes, but low enough that you can stay in
                 there for 45 to 90 minutes.  You may have to 
                 experiment with the temperature adjustments.

             c.  It is very important to take the suppliments during 
                 this cleanse.  One of the comprehensive food 
                 suppliments + the Arise & Shine Mineral Capsules would
                 be a good combination.  See "Food & Nutrition" chapter 
                 for more information.

             d.  Take a shower using natural soap after the sauna.  
                 Use a water filter (preferably).

             e.  Use activated charcoal (or bentonite clay) to slow 
                 down or stop any reactions caused by toxic chemicals
                 re-released into the bloodstream.  A colonic can be 
                 used to removed any toxic chemicals that have been
                 dumped into the intestines. (You can order activated 
                 charcoal from NewLifestyle Health Products, Seale, AL 
                 36875, 800/542-5695.)

             f.  With your health care practitioner's permission, you 
                 can perform this cleanse for 3 days each of three weeks.
                 For a more intense, supervised cleanse to remove 
                 environmental and other toxins from the body, see the
                 last cleanse in this section.

        v.   Ocean/Sauna Skin Cleanse
             This is a simple skin cleanse which can be done if you 
             have access to a sauna near ocean (salt) water.  You 
             will need the approval of your healthcare practitioner to
             use the sauna and you need to be careful that the ocean
             water is not too cold.  The steps are as follows:

             1.  Swim/stand in ocean water for 5-10 minutes.
             2.  Sit in the sauna until you have worked up a good 
                 sweat (approximately 10-15 minutes).
             3.  Swim/stand in ocean water for 5-10 minutes.
             4.  Rinse off the ocean water with fresh water.

             You can perform this cleanse several times a week if you 
             are finding it helpful.

        vi.  Arise & Shine Skin Cleanse
             This simple skin cleanse is a sophisticated herbal bath 
             intended to draw toxins out of the skin.  An herbal enema
             is strongly recommended before the bath, but could be
             discarded if it cannot be done.  Of course, non-
             chlorinated water is prefered for the bath.  Add a 
             tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to the bathwater if
             chlorinated water is used.  The herbs cost about $6.  
             For instructions on how to perform the skin cleanse see
             "Skin Cleanse Instruction Sheet" from Arise & Shine.
             The herbs for this skin cleanse are also available from 
             Arise & Shine (602/293-0891).

        vi.  Cold Sheet Treatment
             Dr. John Christopher's Cold Sheet Treatment is a fairly 
             powerful, but complicated skin cleanse that is usually 
             given to people who are in a very weakened condition.  
             It is too complicated and involved to be done without
             some planning and assistance.  For a step-by-step list 
             of instructions see the following publication:

                    The Cold Sheet Treatment
                    by John R. Christopher
                    Available through Arise & Shine
                    (602) 293-0891

             A simplified version of the cold sheet treatment can be 
             found in "The Herbs of Life" by Lesley Tierra.

        vii. Hubbard Purification Rundown and Other Powerful Skin Cleanses
             This is a very powerful skin cleanse based on L. Ron 
             Hubbards' adaptations of early 20th-century skin
             cleansing techniques.  The standard Purification Rundown 
             includes a daily 2-4.5 hour sauna (with frequent breaks)
             as well as niacin (small but increasing dosages), exercise 
             suitable to your condition, calcium/magnesium suppliments,
             and other miscellaneous suppliments.  The cleanse     
             usually lasts anywhere from 7 days to 28 days depending 
             upon the person's condition.  The approval of a medical 
             doctor familiar with the cleanse is required.

             While this skin cleanse is very powerful and has helped 
             many persons with immune system disorders (especially 
             MCS), it has the following drawbacks:

             1.  Mostly available only through Scientology Centers.
                 This means that you must have a thick enough skin to 
                 avoid sales pitches from the Scientology Registrar
                 for other "services."   With Scientology, I used the 
                 theory, "take what you want, and leave the rest" -- 
                 and I left pretty much everything but the Purification
                 Rundown.  There are, however, a growing number of 
                 holistic health centers that offer supervised skin
                 cleanses based, to some extent, on the Purification
                 Rundown.  See "Clear Body, Clear Mind" by L. Ron
                 Hubbard available from your local Scientology office.
                 For 99.999999% of the population, I would strongly advise
                 avoiding the Scientology Centers and locating another 
                 center that does similar cleanses, or perform a simplier
                 skin cleanse yourself.

             2.  Usually given in a non-customized way, especially at 
                 Scientology centers.  I believe that healing techniques
                 should be customized to the completely standard way
                 tends to limit the amount of healing that can take

             3.  The vitamins and minerals given during the cleanse are
                 based upon somewhat outdated information.

             4.  L. Ron Hubbard was apparently unfamiliar with 
                 Herbalism and many other holistic healing modalities
                 which could have become a part of his Purification

             5.  The amount of experienced supervision can vary from 
                 location to location.

             If a powerful skin cleanse such as this is performed, I 
             recommend considering the following ideas:

             1.  Try to perform the skin cleanse at a non-Scientology 
                 location so that it can be customized and supervised
                 by an experienced healthcare practitioner.

                 If that is not possible, perform the cleanse at one 
                 of the main Scientology headquarter locations (where
                 they are much more careful) even though it costs 
                 slightly more.  Tell them that you want to perform 
                 *only* the Purification Rundown and *nothing* else.  

             2.  Make certain that you will be closely supervised 
                 during the cleanse.

             3.  Use activated charcoal (or bentonite clay) to slow 
                 down or stop any reactions caused by toxic chemicals
                 re-released into the bloodstream.  A colonic can be 
                 used to removed any toxic chemicals that have been
                 dumped into the intestines. (You can order activated 
                 charcoal from NewLifestyle Health Products, Seale, AL 
                 36875, 800/542-5695.)

             4.  Talk with the practitioner to decide on the length 
                 an the procedures to be followed during the cleanse.
                 Cleanses performed at non-Scientology centers can be 
                 adjusted to be much shorter and simplier and adjusted
                 to include special foods or herbs as the patient

             5.  It is much easier if the cleanse is performed with 
                 one or two other people, otherwise it can get somewhat
                 boring in the sauna.

             6.  The whole procedure must be okayed by an experienced 
                 healthcare practitioner.

             7.  If your total time in the sauna is more than 45 
                 minutes, you should definately be taking some
                 salt, potassium, and cell salts.  It usually a
                 good idea to take minerals (chelated and
                 colloidal).  It is crucial to drink alot of 
                 liquids while in the sauna.  I like to drink
                 either spring water or a mixture of spring
                 water and organic fruit juice.

             8.  Do not worry about your weight during the skin 
                 cleanse as long as you are eating normal means and 
                 drinking plenty of liquids.  It will vary quite a
                 bit because of the large amount of liquids being
                 consumed.  Of course, a skin cleanse *should not* be
                 used as a weight reduction technique.

             9.  Ideally, the sauna should have two or more holes cut 
                 in the walls to allow air circulation.  This will 
                 make it much easier to stay in the sauna longer.

             10. The temperature should be kept at a level where a 
                 moderate sweat can be kept up and that you can stay 
                 in it for 45 minutes at a time.  It should not be so
                 hot as to be extremely uncomfortable.  I kept the 
                 temperature at 160F in the type of sauna that
                 has air circulation.  The design of the sauna will 
                 cause the ideal temperature to vary *considerably*.
                 In most types of saunas, the ideal temperature will 
                 be lower than 160F.

             11. Take a shower using natural soap after the sauna.  
                 Use a water filter (preferably).  I talked the 
                 people supervising the cleanse into letting me attach
                 my shower filter to the shower to avoid absorbing
                 chlorine and other chemicals through the skin.

             List of Non-Scientology Centers Which Perform Skin Clenases

             1.  Zane R. Gard, M.D.
                 P.O. Box 1791
                 Beaverton, Oregon 97075

        Rebuilding & Strengthening

        1.  Air Baths (see above)

        2.  Skin Brushing (see above)

        3.  Regular exercise that builds a moderate sweat, but only
            if the condition allows. 

        3.  Ocean (salt-water) dips performed in warm water.

        4.  Eat a small amount of sea vegetables in diet on a 
            regular basis.

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