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Monday, 27 June 2011

Captivating brides in Pakistani bridal dress

December 3rd, 2010 malik Posted in Beauty & Makeup Tips, Bridal 2011 
Wedding day is always a major concern of a Pakistani woman, the day when she desires to look like a fairy on earth. But what makes her captivating on that day is her classy and swanky wedding outfit.
It is the spell of Pakistani bridal dresses which transforms an ordinary girl into a princess. It’s the elegance and classicism on that big day that makes a bride captivating and unforgettable and when the consideration is a Pakistani bride then many minds work together to beautify the lady of the day. From her makeup to hair style, mehndi to jewelry and dress to  bridal shoe-everything becomes noticeable on that day. But what enhances the beauty of a Pakistani bride is her wedding outfit. the outfit which may be a traditional farshi lehenga or sharara or otherwise the latest fish cut or jal pari style for which many of Pakistani fashion designers are renowned worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »

The Romance of Dupatta

December 3rd, 2010 malik Posted in Beauty & Makeup Tips, Bridal 2011, Fashion Shows 
Be it Lata Mangeshkar singing, “hawa main urta jay mera laal dupatta malmal ka” or dusky damsel  Priyanka Chopra fluttering her sheer aanchal in “Laal Dupatta urr gaya ray mera hawa kay jhonkay say” No one can deny the romantic effects of Dupatta when its colors ripple and flutter with breeze under the shades of purple clouds.
Oh! the breathtaking moment when two dark kohl laden eyes shyly peep out of silver kinaris of her bridal Dupatta and blink flirtatiously with a child like innocence on the wedding night.  The feminine ethereal beauty when hidden beneath the sheer goldenish hue of Dupatta is extremely irresistible for men; the bitter sweet charm of Dupatta makes butterflies flutter in their belly. This is the reason why directors, writers and singers are using this timeless object in their works for centuries. Read the rest of this entry »

The Mehndi Bride, shalwar kameez

December 3rd, 2010 malik Posted in Beauty & Makeup Tips, Bridal 2011, SAREE 

Getting married isn’t easy especially when the bride has to buy clothes, jewelry and shoes for every occasion. Mehndi marks the beginning of a wedding function when hands and feet of the bride are decorated with henna and mehndi dress plays an important role.
Time is running by and there is so much to do. Mehndi marks the beginning of a joy, participation and happiness for the bride and the groom. During such times things have to be perfect starting from Henna to a dress which sets the trend for upcoming weddings.
Dresses for Mehndi are usually in orange, yellow and green colour. Usually, brides prefer to wear yellow dress match it with a multicoloured shalwar. Brides prefer to keep Mehndi dress simple and elegant with light gotta, mirror or dapka embroidery on sleeves and neck. Some prefer heavy embroidery on dupatta only.
However, with the passage of time, variations have come in Mehndi dress also. Now brides love to get the dress stitched in various designs and styles ranging from shalwar kameez to lengha.
Material used for Mehndi dress, include jamawar, silk, chiffon, kattan silk etc. There are yellow and deep red georget multi shaded shirts adorned with cut-glass, kamdani, sequins, swarovski, crystals and kora on hemline with big pendant on front V neck. Multi shaded dupatta has big square motives and green border belt are also in. Sunflower silk baggy/patiala shalwaar embellished from sides and at cuffs are also worn on Mehndi occasion.
If you want to buy a Mango lehanga on Mehndi, then silk lehanga with turquoise and pink hand beads work on borders and all over lehanga makes the best dress for the occasion. Similarly, Mehndi colour raw silk sleeveless shirt/kurti. Standing sherwani collar and kurta style neckline crowded with stones work. Stone spray arranged along shirt/kurti. Red jamawaar pajama makes it a fabulous combination.

The Bridal Dress that Becomes you

December 3rd, 2010 malik Posted in Beauty & Makeup Tips, Bridal 2011 
A lot of effort and time goes into finding the proper bridal dress or fancy dress that will suit you, and the occasion that you purchase it for.
Women have always been fascinated with dressing up and looking unique, no matter what the occasion. Finding the right dress, whether it’s your bridal dress, a fancy dress, a casual dress, or an evening dress, or a dress for any other occasion, seems to take up a lot of time and effort for any woman.
As soon as an occasion comes up that a woman needs to attend, the wheels in her mind start spinning around one question: ‘What type of dress, will suit this occasion?’ Will it be a fancy dress? Cocktail dress? The ever glamorous black dress?
If a bride is looking for a bridal dress, than she will undoubtedly spend a lot of time browsing through all of the options available to her. A lot of time will be spent looking at the many colors available for the bridal dress, and also the motifs and designs that will be embroidered on the dress. A bride to be can never be happy unless she knows that her bridal dress is absolutely perfect

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